DL-10W-100W Portable Solar DC Power Generator

DL-10W-100W Portable Solar DC Power Generator

10W; 20W; 30W; 50W; 100W Portable Solar DC Power System for Power system.Portable product for supplying power for small-power loads it has a built-in battery and a built-in solar controller.

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Product Overview:
Portable product for supplying power for small-power loads it has a built-in battery and a built-in solar controller
Solar controller samples parameters such as the battery terminal voltage and capacity, the discharge current and the ambient temperature with help of a computer chip and computers through a special control module to realize efficient and accurate control over the discharge rate and the temperature compensation in line with characteristics of the battery
With an efficient PWM charge mode, the battery can operate in the best status and have a long life
System has a 12V DC output terminal and a 5V DC output terminal, overall protection such as short circuit protection, overload protection, unique reverse connection prevention, automatic shutoff upon full charge or overcharge, detailed charge indication, battery status indication, load indication and fault indication

Main Features:
+SCM intelligent control and optimization SOC algorithm
+Built-in temperature sensor which can improve charge efficiency of the built-in battery effectively
+Full-automatic control such as over charge protection, over discharge protection, electronic circuit protection, overload protection and unique reverse connection prevention
+A serial-connection PWM charge main circuit which makes voltage loss of the charge circuit less than that of the charge circuit of a diode by nearly half and the charge efficiency 3% to6% higher than a non-PWM charge main circuit and increases the time of power consumption
+A long life contributed by automatic control modes including boosting charge for recovery from overcharge, normal direct charge and floating charges
+Visualized display of the system status by nixie tube and LEDs

1, Solar Power System: 
2,Solar energy: Invert cost-free sunlight into power without consuming oil, gas, or coal. Improve life in area out of electricity network.
4,Environmental friendly, No emission
5,Easy use: Highly operable input and output system, requiring no adjustment for installation.

-12VDC LED indicato
-1 universal charge line
-A set(including 2 pieces) Solar panel bracket
-5M of solar panel wire
-Ac charger 

Technology Parameter:

Model DL-7AH DL-12AH DL-24AH DL-50AH DL-100AH
Solar panel
Monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon panel of class A
Solar panel
10W 20W 30W 50W 100W
Solar panel
96*136*193 126*156*193 163*244*234 176*279*288 213*300*383
Control mode Efficient PWM
Charge current  5A/12V 10A/12V
Protection functions Overcharge protection, over discharge protection, electronic circuit shout circuit protection, overload protection
Voltage of overcharge protection 14.3V
Voltage of boosting charge 14.0V
voltage of floating charge 13.8V
Voltage of overcharge protection 10.5V
Display if nixie tube Current voltage of the battery
Indication of LEDs Charge indication, load indication and battery indication
Battery type Deep-cycle maintenance 0-free Lead-acid indication
Battery capacity 12V/7Ah 12V/12Ah 12V/24Ah 50Ah 100Ah
Maximum output power 600W(12V/5A) 120W(12V/10A)
DC 12V (output port) 4 5 6
DC 15V USB (USB output port) 1 USB (maximum 2A) 2 USB (maximum 3A)
12V DC LED indicator A3W LED and a 5W LED (including 2 lamp holder, a 3M lamp wire and a 5W lamp wire) Two 3W LEDs and two 5W LEDs (including 4 lamp holders, two 3M lamp wire and two 5W lamp wire)  
USB charge line Universal charge line
Solar panel bracket A set (including 2 pieces)
Electric wire of the solar panel 5M
AC charger An optional accessory when there is no solar power supply and charging by mains supply
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